October 04, 2012

किसी के वादे पे क्यूँ ऐतबार हमने किया ( द बर्निंग ट्रेन -1980) Kisi ke vade pe kyun aitbar hamne kiya (The Burning Train – 1980)

किसी के वादे पे क्यूँ ऐतबार हमने किया
न आने वालों का क्यूँ इंतज़ार हमने किया

न वो हमारे हुये और न हम रहे अपने
मुहब्बतों का अजब कारोबार हमने किया

वो खेल खेल रहे थे, वो खेल खेल चुके
ख़ता हमारी थी क्यूँ उनसे प्यार हमने किया

बिछड़ के उनसे न जब दिल किसी तरह बदला
शराबख़ाने का रुख़ इख़्तियार हमने किया

[Composer :  R.D.Burman,  Singer : Asha Bhonsle , Producer: B.R.Chopra, Director : Ravi Chopra]


  1. Was this song included in the film?

    1. I doubt, but it is mentioned in some very reliable sources including wwww.sahir-ludhianvi.com.

  2. Yes, the song was written for "The Burning Train" and recorded but I think, it was not included in the film! I was just curious to know whether it was in the film when it was released or not as the DVD/VCD doesn't include it!! Any possibility to get the video of this song?

    1. Let's see. One I get it, I will replace existing video with that.